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At Dog Doctors, we’re not just about the fun and excitement of working with animals; we’re about imparting valuable knowledge and hands-on experience that students can use to make a real difference. Veterinary medicine is a calling that starts with love and grows with knowledge.

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In 2024, the Dog Doctors program underwent an expansion with the introduction of a synchronous-remote option. This innovative addition allows for sessions to be conducted via live Zoom calls, led by the Dog Doctors team, and complemented by video clips that provide additional context and content. The primary motivation behind incorporating this format into the program was to broaden its reach and impact by enabling the team to connect with a larger number of elementary schools. By embracing this remote approach, the Dog Doctors aim to overcome geographical barriers and logistical constraints, thereby maximizing their ability to engage with students and communities across a wider geographic area. This expansion aligns with the program’s overarching goal of promoting awareness and interest in veterinary medicine among young learners, while also addressing the challenges of accessibility and inclusivity in education. 

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