Kya McKenzie
Vet Student
Role Within The Dog Doctors Program

I am a vet student that takes part in leading some of the educational activities.

What is the Emphasis in your studies?

Short answer: I am mixed animal focused. Long answer: I am still exploring the different niches that make up veterinary medicine. I have a particular interest in behavioral medicine.

What Interested you in the Dog Doctors Program?

I was exposed to the Dog Doctors Program through my extracurricular activities with the SNABV club. I love the ability to share various depths of the veterinary field through community outreach especially to children and young adults. I find it exciting to potentially inspire someone into a field they may or may not have had a deeper exposure to. I wish I had a similar program in my early life that expanded on what is veterinary medicine. Oftentimes vet medicine is viewed through a limited scope of imagining a place where people take pets when they get sick or a work environment where we play with dogs and cats all day. Educating the general populace and drawing those connections between us as humans and the world of animals makes for fun conversations.