About Us

What is Dog Doctors?

       The Dog Doctors outreach program goes from school to school in northeast Georgia, spreading their love of animals and science to instill a spark for veterinary medicine. Stemming from the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Paige Carmichael and her team of dedicated students use their passion and knowledge for their field to create an environment that is interactive, entertaining, and educational. 

       Dr. Paige Carmichael, DVM and professor of pathology, and a team of UGA students visit your classroom with three large Bernese Mountain dogs—the Dog Doctors. Within these sessions, Dr. Carmichael will talk about her research and the roles that the Dog Doctors play in her development of tests to detect genetic diseases in dogs. She will answer students’ questions about the dogs, her research, and careers in veterinary medicine and will show photographs of the Dog Doctors as they grew up. Students will be able to interact with the dogs while learning about x-rays and bones of animals.



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